“We were all born in an olive grove.”


That was our grandfathers’ answer if someone asked when and how they learned the secrets of outstanding olive oil.


Our company was founded in 1960 by our visionary grandfathers, who themselves were inspired by their ancestors’ commitment to olive oil.

Our first facility was located inside the village of Tsivaras, in the northwest part of Apokoronas, a historical province of Chania, Crete. It was a cold-pressing mill, consisting of millstones, hydraulic presses and olive oil separators. At the of the 80’s, all pressing systems were replaced by a then state of the art extraction plant.

In 2008, after almost 50 years of growing experience in olive oil processing, we moved to our new facility in the outskirts of our village of Tsivaras. At the same time, we installed a state of the art bottling line to help us keep up with the increasing demand for highest quality Extra Virgin Olive oil.


Our facility is always open to public. In the harvesting season, you can watch the whole cold extraction process. But even if you visit us sometime after that, you can still take a tour in our plant and try our cold extracted, P.D.O. Apokoronas Extra virgin Olive oil.